If The Earth Stopped Spinning

When you’re in a car or a train (I’ll use a train as an example because you can walk around on it), you can barely notice that you’re moving unless you’re accelerating or decelerating. This is because you have no other speed to compare your current speed to. If you’re going 50MPH and then speed up to 60MPH, you feel the difference. But once you’re going 60MPH, it feels about the same as 50MPH did.

When you slow down to your slowest possible speed, and then completely stop, you feel that train stop. You grab onto a pole so you don’t fall, even though the slowing down didn’t affect you at all.

Try it yourself: Next time you’re in a car, go as slow as possible, and then stop. You will always jerk forward a little, no matter how gradual you slow down.

So what would happen if the planet stopped rotating?

Earth spinning is a lot like a train moving. It’s moving at a constant speed and we can walk around on it as we please and not be affected by it at all.

So first of all, if the Earth sped up or slowed down, I think we would finally notice the feeling of a rotating planet. Now, if it slowed down and then came to a complete stop, I think we would all fall on our faces and wish we had a bar to grab on to like the train does.

When something in our life never changes, we don’t really pay it any attention. For all we know, the whole Universe could be moving uniformly at the speed of light and we would never know unless we somehow looked at something outside of the universe (like looking out of the window of a moving train and seeing buildings ‘pass by’).

This is all a part of my theory that everything (and yes I mean everything) is based on a comparison… but I’ll save that for another day.

Looking Back On Life

We’ve all looked back at some point in our lives and realized we’ve made a bad decision. It doesn’t matter how good of an idea something seemed at the time, in retrospect, we know it was a pretty stupid idea. The old saying is “hindsight is 20/20”, and the analogy couldn’t be more true.

The question is: How do we see things so clearly looking back? Why wasn’t it so clear at the time?

I think of this in the same way I think of how our binocular vision works. We have two eyes because our brain needs two sources of information. It takes this information and compares what each eye has seen in order to clearly understand what is in front of us. If you were to shut one eye, your depth perception would no longer work. Try it – put one hand over your eye and look around.

This same technique is used by astronomers to understand the distance to stars. We take a photo while the Earth is in one position, and take another 6 months later when it’s in another position, and compare the two (just like our brain does for our eyes). This is known as a stellar parallax.

I know, I know – What does this have to do with anything?

When we make a decision, we are able to judge the situation from only one point in time. As our brains or an astronomer would tell us, it’s hard to put things in perspective when you’re only viewing the situation from one point.

When we look back on a decision we’ve made, we are now able to see the situation from two points in time: the moment we had to make the decision, and the moment from which we look back on that decision. Now that we can see the situation from two points, we can assess it much better. Also, the more time that passes, the clearer that decision becomes. Of course by the time it’s really clear, it’s already too late.

So never look back in regret, because we’re all really just staring at life with a hand over one of our eyes. We’re bound to walk into a wall now and then.

Homosexuality and Evolution

Evolution states that all living things evolve on the basis of survival. The ability to reproduce is really the only requirement for a species to survive. There is a paradox here though: how can you explain homosexuality through evolution?

It really seems to go against everything evolution tells us. Since homosexuals don’t reproduce, their traits never get passed on. So how can that be if roughly 10% of people are homosexuals?

Here’s my theory: What I just said isn’t entirely true.

Up until recently, homosexuality was completely misunderstood. Very few people ever pursued their natural sexual desires because it simply didn’t fit into society. These people ignored their own feelings and married the opposite sex anyway to live a “normal” life. Another part of the “normal” life was to have kids and start a family.

So to say “homosexuals don’t reproduce” is a complete lie. As homosexuality gains acceptance in the world, less and less homosexuals will live phony heterosexual lives. Eventually, it would make sense that homosexuals would actually become extinct.

I don’t see that happening though, because it is extremely common for a same-sex marriage to use a sperm or egg donor, which would pass their genes on anyway. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”.

We’re All Senseless

It’s interesting to think about how blind we are. Light is a huge spectrum, and we can only see a tiny fraction of it that we call “visible light”. Could you imagine if our eyes could detect the full spectrum? And who knows what else we’re not seeing.

Remember, our eyes can only detect a small fraction of light. Our ears detect a small fraction of sound. There could be things right in front of our faces that we don’t have any detection of at all. There could be beings around us that can detect all these things. They probably feel sorry for us as we do for the blind and deaf. Do you realize how senseless we really are?

Time Travel and Aliens

There’s always been a lot of question about if time travel is possible or not. For me, the one problem that stands out is the question of why we haven’t been visited by people from another time. My theory on it is this:

Time travel is possible, but before a society can get close to figuring out how to do it, they end up destroying themselves. Since we would need strong technology to create a time machine, that same technology could be used in warfare, so we would never finish the machine.

This is probably the same reason we haven’t been visited by aliens. I don’t think a society on any other planet would be any different, so they would destroy themselves before they could build a ship to make it here.

Why wouldn’t they be different? Because a species would have to evolve to become intelligent enough to build a ship like that. That means that they would have a survival instinct, so war is inevitable.